Saints of the Orthodox Church is intended to be a reference for information about many of the saints of the Orthodox tradition. Here you will find short descriptions, links to online information sources, and links to published works and icons which can be purchased through ArchangelsBooks.com, Amazon.com, or other online stores.

Now, please note those magic words - intended to be. As of now, the site is very "embryonic", listing only a smattering of the many saints recognized by the church. Few have any real detail. I hope to have these pages relatively robust by early in 2011, but until then, there will be lots of missing saints, incomplete listings, and so on. Please be patient.

One of my hopes for this site is to provide more information about some of the lesser-known saints of the Church (a goal inspired by my son, who chose one of the martyrs of Sinai and Raithu for his name-saint, rather than one of the more well-known saints of the same name).

Current Progress:
Finished loading names from first primary source through March 16.

Saints of the Orthodox Church