HTOC Mission trip to Marshall, AK, July/Aug 2012

View from Anchorage motel Anchorage airport Views from Anchorage airport
Our plane to Bethel Leaving Anchorage for Bethel
Flying over the mountains Flying between two cloud layers Alaskan tundra Coming in to Bethel
Views of Bethel airport from runway side. It's probably similar in size to State College's airport.
Walking from the airport to the nearest restaurant (good food, but pricey).  
Some of the local flora. Our plane to Marshall
The flight to Marshall. Notice how often the tundra landscape changes during the 45-minute flight.
Fishing camp on the Yukon Approach and landing at Marshall's new airport (bigger than the old one)
Driving in to Marshall from the airport. The first shot shows some road construction (the old road was lower and would flood in late fall, forcing people to take a boat to get to the airport). The large gray building in later shots is the village school.
The church building in Marshall. Plenty of things to do, but the biggest need - installing insulation under the floor - can't be seen. But you can see the need for trim around the doors and on the building corners, cupola repairs, painting the narthex, and attic insulation. We also upgraded the floor in the altar, replaced a broken doorknob, and a few other odds and ends.
The site of the old church building, just below the current one. The box houses the old altar stone, which will eventually be turned into a shrine of some sort. The sunken drum was one of the original supports.
The inside of the church, The first picture shows an icon of St. Anna the Prophetess that belonged to St. Yakov; the last is an icon of St. Michael the Archangel from that same time period. Many of the icons are over 100 years old and were saved from another church. The next-to-last shot is what the narthex looked like for most of our work-time.
  An old building that they thought about repairing to become the rectory. It was too badly damaged; we used it for salvaged pieces.  
Repairing the cupola and caulking some roof leaks; installing the new floor in and just outside the altar area; painting trim boards for outside.
The exterior of the church after the work was finished.  
Sunset - pictures are at 10:00, 10:30, and 11:00 PM.  
Random shots taken around Marshall. The first two are of the house I stayed in.
The plane comes to take us back home.