Black Warriors' First Football Game

September 8, 2007

Josiah's football team is called the Black Warriors. Josiah wears number 12.
They lost their first game 28-22, but Josiah still enjoyed playing. It was a good, tough game.
And when I say "tough", I mean "four injury timeouts" (nothing serious, thankfully).
Kenaniah in the scoreboard booth. He helped out during Joe's game. Josiah lined up at wide receiver. He didn't get any passes thrown to him, though.
Joe at outside linebacker. Joe trips up the runner.
Joe lined up at wide receiver.
Misc. play; no Joe. Good Warriors run. Joe's blocking on the far side.
Josiah heads out on a pass play. Blurry pic of Joe about to make a block.
Waiting on the snap. Joe's lined up on the far side. Joe ready to run his route.
In the huddle  
  A couple of plays where I lost track of Josiah.
Missed Joe again (that might be him on his hands and knees in the first one).
More shots of Joe lined up at wide receiver
No, not a fumble, just the QB getting the snap. Lost track of Joe again.
See the high white socks on the left? That's the other way to find Joe. Joe on defense, chasing the play.
When one of the kids on Josiah's team got hurt, he was sent back in at defensive tackle to take that boy's place. Here's the second of three consecutive tackles (all for loss or no gain) he made after being put in there. The other team started double-team blocking him after that.
Joe draws a double-team block. He was proud of drawing that much atention. Joe at wide receiver again. He plays wide receiver and tight end on offense.
On defense, waiting for the other team to line up. Joe's hidden on the left, drawing another double-team. The two stripes on that kid's helmet mean he weighs over 90 lbs (Josiah's 61 lbs).
Another play without Josiah visible. I had trouble following him and tracking the play with the camera. Waiting on the offense again.
The other team running away from Joe's side (that might be him to the left) Joe at receiver.
Joe tries to fight through a block (center-left). I honestly don't remember what was going on here, or even who had the ball.
Moving at the snap (all you can see of Joe are his feet, to the left).