Black Warriors' Second Football Game

September 15, 2007

The Black Warriors defeated the Silver Wolves 34-8.
Starting with this game, I'll be taking more pictures when Josiah isn't on the field, for the benefit of other parents who don't bring a camera. For my family's benefit, pictures where you can see Joe (#12 with the high white socks) will have a border around them.
The defense waits on the snap.  
Joe on top of the pile. Wolves stopped (I think for a loss).
After the play. Getting the snap.
Start of another play. In the huddle.
Closeup of the Warrior's rush. Trying to contain a sweep (Joe might be at the far right).
Warriors ball carrier getting tackled. Not sure who has the ball, but I missed the runner.
Play going nowhere. Warriors breaking a long run.
Not sure what's happening here. Our O-Line waiting for the snap.
The pile untangles after the play. Wolves' runner goes down (who made the tackle?).
Blocking (I think it's Warriors on offense). Warriors run a sweep.
Another pile untangles after the play. The defense waits.
Gang-tackle. I missed the action again.
Wolves' runner gets tackled (I think). Not sure what's happening.
Joe looks for someone to block (the runner is off-screen to the right). Joe made a diving arm-tackle (I think for a loss).
Missed the action yet again. And again.
Making the tackle. I think the Warriors had just broken a long run.
Celebrating a touchdown. I think this is the Wolves' successful 2-point conversion.
I had a lot of trouble finding the action at times. Start of a kick return.
(sigh) Missed the action again. Tackle stops another good Warriors' run.
Warriors run a sweep (probably the best shot I've gotten so far). Wolves run a sweep.
End of play. Looks like an option pitch coming up.
Right at the snap. I have no idea who's got the ball.
Wolves get a decent run. Not sure what's happening.