Black Warriors' Third Football Game

September 22, 2007

The Black Warriors defeated the Golden Bears 30-14. The Bears were 2-0 before this game, and someone told me they had not allowed a touchdown in either game. So the Warriors did great.

Still putting a border around pictures with Josiah (for my family's benefit). I have the hi-res version of all pictures on my home computer, if you want one just ask (note: they run between 1.5MB and 2.5MB each, and don't zip well)
After the tackle. Almost done untangling the pile.
"You chase him." "No, you chase him!" Preparing to cut back.
After the play. Power run right up the middle.
Must have been a good play - see the parents smiling and clapping? Unstacking the pile.
Bears try to run. Gang-tackle.
Trying to stop the run. #6 chases down a sweep.
Warriors make a goal-line stand (Bears eventually got the TD). An offensive play begins (Joe's blocking on the far side - see the socks?).
A good Warriors run. The Bears try to chase down a play.
I led the runner by way too much on this shot. Celebrating after a score (TD or conversion?).
Missed the action. I think Joe's preparing to make a tackle.
After the play. Warriors tackle the runner (as Joe watches from the ground).
Joe tries to get a block in on a kick return. Not sure what's happening.
Joe makes a tackle. Running it up the middle (more or less).
Blocking for the runner. The QB takes the snap.
Running a reverse. Warriors on the move.
Making sure the runner is down. Bears runner about to get the ball.
Trying to stop a Bears' run. Down the sideline.
I think it's a successful Warriors' sweep. Start of a running play.
QB getting the snap on offense. I think the Warriors have the ball, and the runner is off-screen left trying to run right.
Lost track of the action again. A Bears' run is stuffed.
I don't know who has the ball... Josiah tries to make an open-field tackle (he didn't succeed).
Not sure who had the ball. Kenaniah watches from the scorekeeper's booth I admit I don't remember what was going on here.
A Bears' runner sheds a tackle. Warriors' QB awaits the snap.
Joe's extra-small helmet still seems a bit big. The O-Line blocks.
Warriors about to go to 2-1. Last play of the game (he was stopped a bit short of the goal line).