Black Warriors' Fourth Football Game

September 22, 2007

A thrilling game! The Black Warriors defeated the Blue Thunder 30-28. They were down 20-8 early, came back to take a 22-20 lead with less than 4 minutes remaining, gave up a kick return touchdown to go down 28-22, then scored the winning touchdown and 2-point conversion with 10 seconds left.

Still putting a border around pictures with Josiah (for my family's benefit). I have the hi-res version of all pictures on my home computer, if you want one just ask (note: they run between 1.5MB and 2.5MB each, and don't zip well)
Chasing the play (I missed the runner). Running back a kickoff.
Blurry. Our runner (about to score a TD) is behind the ref. Forget who has the ball, but he's getting tackled.
Stopped behind the line. I thought he'd make it into the picture. No such luck.
The pile untangles. Gang-tackling.
Power sweep left (Joe's back is visible to the left of #6 ). Tackled for a short gain.
Not sure who had the ball here. Heading back to the huddles.
Joe prepares to make a block (right side). Sweep right - great block in front.
Forget who's got the ball. The battle in "the pit".
Rolling out right to pass - Joe's sealing off the blind side. Good gain, but not quite a first down.
Getting the snap. Took too long to focus again, and missed the play.
After the play. Blue Thunder run a sweep.
Everyone's in on the tackle. Running up the middle (you can just see the ball on the right).
Tackled for little gain (Joe's just to the right - see the socks?). Breaking the huddle (Joe's on the far right).
Tackled short of the goal line. Warriors' touchdown!
Watching the play go right. I think this is a Thunder touchdown return.
Returning the kickoff. 3 minutes to go, down by 6. Calling the signals.
Converting a crucial 4th down. Short gain up the middle.
Joe looks for someone to block. Catching the snap.
Play heads back towards left end (I overshot with the camera). Warriors celebrate the victory.
Celebrating with a chest-butt (on the right edge).