Black Warriors' Fifth Football Game

October 5, 2007

The Black Warriors defeated the Red Ravens 34-14. Because the game was late, I had to set my camera at a slow shutter speed, so many of the pictures are motion-blurred. I kept the best ones; you can imagine how bad the deleted ones were!

Still putting a border around pictures with Josiah (for my family's benefit). I have the hi-res version of all pictures on my home computer, if you want one just ask (note: they run between 1.5MB and 2.5MB each, and don't zip well)
Opening kickoff. Returning the opening kickoff.
Chasing down a Ravens' sweep. A Ravens player running for a TD.
After stopping the 2-point conversion. A collision is coming...
Ravens try a run up the middle. The ball was just snapped (low-center left).
Warriors run a sweep to the left. The Warriors' runner is in the middle of the blurred pile to the left.
Sealing off a sweep; Joe is behind Ravens' #2. Warriors' defenders converge on the runner.
Going under the block to make the tackle. Sweep; not sure who has the ball...
Breaking free up the middle (compare who's blurriest; think he's moving fast?) Now the Ravens break one up the middle.
I think this might be the other Ravens touchdown. Goal-line stand (where's the ball?).
Getting up after the run. Ravens' runner sweeps left.
Piling on the runner. Joe slips trying to cut back for the tackle. The runner is the red blur to the left.
The ref wants the ball back. Another run up the middle (note the black blur to the right).
In the huddle. Unstacking the pile.
Ummm... not sure what's happening. (Very blurry) Joe dives back for a pass, but comes up a little short.
Joe and a Ravens player fighting for the ball. Another pile gets unstacked.
Missed the play.