Black Warriors' Sixth Football Game

October 5, 2007

The Black Warriors tied the Green Eagles 14-14. That leaves both teams tied for first place at 4-1-1 in the standings. They'll play each other again in the #1-#2 bowl game.

Still putting a border around pictures with Josiah (for my family's benefit). I have the hi-res version of all pictures on my home computer, if you want one just ask (note: they run between 1.5MB and 2.5MB each, and don't zip well)
The line blocks on a Warriors sweep. Play goes to the far side, but I'm not sure who has the ball.
Eagles' play, maybe? Everybody meets at the ball.
Right at the snap. Once again, I'm not sure who has the ball. I think it's the Warriors.
One running, one (hidden) tackling, everyone else watching (Joe's on the sidelines). Eagles start the kick return.
I think the kid behind #2 is running. Warriors charge at the snap (the ball is just behind #20's helmet).
Eagles' pass comes down in double coverage (I think he caught it). Not sure what's happening.
Warriors' #10 on the sweep, Eagles' #3 about to make the tackle. Warriors blocking (Joe's right behind #55 - see the white socks?).
Tackle for a loss - #8 is not happy. #55 was the receiver, but I think the pass never got thrown.
He got behind the Warriors' coverage, but the pass was wide. Another pass that wasn't quite on target.
Double coverage - unfortunately, he caught it anyway. Warriors have the ball, but I led the runner too far.
Running for a big gain - Joe looks for someone to block. Trying to convert 4th-and-long.
Sweep starting to the right - Joe's blocking #3. Converging at the ball carrier.
Up the middle on 2nd down. Running a sweep left (you can see Joe on the sidelines).
Missed the action again. Getting to the quarterback a split-second too late.
Kick return. He's got room to run.
Not sure what's happening again. This play didn't go very far.
He's not gonna make it on 4th down. Eagles at the snap.
Both teams come to the line. The runner reverses field - Joe looks for someone to block.
You can just see the runner at the far left. #7 makes the solo tackle.
Progress stopped. Not sure what happened.