Black Warriors Football Scrimmage

September 1, 2007

Josiah's football team is called the Black Warriors. Josiah wears number 12.
This was a scrimmage with some of the other teams. They played offense against the Blue Thunder for 15 minutes, then defense against the Green Eagles for 15 minutes.
Josiah blocks during a sweep (you can only see his white socks, center right) Joe sets up at tight end (he also plays wide receiver).
Joe blocks #36 out of the play. Breaking the huddle (Joe's in back - see the white socks?).
Joe lined up at wide receiver. Some play - Joe's not visible.
Joe sets up at outside linebacker. I don't remember what was going on here.
Waiting for the other team to break their huddle. Ready for the play.
Joe after the play (it went away from his side). Waiting on the other team again.
Joe maintains containment in case the play comes back his way. Chasing the play.
Getting ready to help make the tackle.